Hello! I’m Leah.

I'm a product designer interested in communities, technology, and the built environment.

I use product design to meld technology and infrastructure in a way that empowers and engages people.

I'm currently working on civic engagement at Facebook to make a more open and connected world. Please get in touch any time!

Oregon, 2017


Town Hall

Facebook 2018

Town Hall is hub for civic discovery with a path to action. It strives to empower people to work together with their government to resolve problems and build effective civic communities on Facebook.

Coming Soon



Ads Manager Convergence

Facebook 2017

Over time, Facebook’s two main ads interfaces had become similar in capabilities, but different in how tasks were completed. They needed to be a single interface, but the ads publishing model was not making that easy. I fixed that.



We Are Explorers: MFA Design Thesis

California College of the Arts 2016

Humans are driven to explore. Space is the final frontier. How do we help people gain the benefits of space research without a PhD?

My MFA thesis investigated this question through experience design.



Firestop App


Firestop App was an iPad app to give firefighters the information they need to respond to a crisis in one streamlined place. It was designed to replace existing enterprise software in a more performant and visual way.